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Welcome to our blog!

Hi everyone!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read our blog - we are really excited about all the posts that will be going out in the next year.

Our idea with the Kate Skates blog is to provide helpful information about anything skating related from seasoned professionals. We've met a lot of amazing skaters, coaches, parents, judges, technical specialists, and more over the years and we want to provide them an outlet to give their best pieces of advice.

So, get excited to meet our monthly contributors - they are all wonderful and are so passionate about the world of figure skating. We'll be releasing contributor posts at the beginning of each month, with each being a different topic and contributor.

Leave us comments, suggestions of topics you want to hear more about, and we'll do our best to provide!

Again, thanks so much for all the support and we hope you enjoy hearing from this talented group of people as much as we do.


Suz & Katey Nyquist

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